Streamlined Operations
Having all communications aggregated into one customized workflow management system increases employees efficiency and saves time. Rather than parse through emails and unstructured data from multiple sources, all their resources are housed in one convenient and easily accessed system. 

Legacy Channel Automation
Migrating to more efficient systems reduces costs.
Lessening administrative work for employees enables them to focus on their core competencies. Additionally, moving from paper to digital formats reduce machine maintenance costs and frees up office space.

Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics
Maintaining a bird’s eye view of their metrics, stakeholders can view the status of their teams and drill down when desired. Running reports can reveal new insights into operations, human resources, and citizen engagement.

User Engagement
A closed loop system allows government employees to act on each individual communication from the public. The related data attributed to each communication enables employees to reach the citizen in a personalized manner, addressing their concerns and maintaining a positive image in the process.

Platform Security
With a broad range of experience producing solutions across multiple government agencies, Neubus is SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliant. The NeuSpeak platform behind a secure firewall and encrypts all data while it is at rest or in transit.

Cross Division Communications
As cases are added to the system, they can be duplicated, forwarded, and escalated to other team members. Colleagues facilitate stronger teamwork and transparency with an all-encompassing solution.