NeuMobile, a smartphone app, enables the public and government employees to submit and view information from the palm of their hand. They can also create profiles to save information for pre-populating forms later. 


NeuForm is easily embeddable into any webpage, and matches the layout and design of the website. Data entered into the forms flows directly into the team’s workflow.


NeuMail lets departments receive emails from the public and route them to the appropriate team member, configuring the routing on any number of characteristics: region hierarchy, function, etc.


NeuPhone, the system’s customized phone routing system, can direct people to the appropriate office, as well as record the conversation for attaching to a case file.


NeuSocial enables agencies to monitor online conversations for instances of people mentioning their department name. Then they can attach the posts to a case file to review.


NeuFax replaces traditional fax machines with virtual counterparts to save time scanning documents, clear up desk space, and save costs on machine maintenance.


NeuPost allows departments to continue receive traditional mail, so they do not have to adjust their processes. Mail is scanned into NeuSpeak and attached to case files.


NeuConnect enables agencies leverage NeuSpeak's robust API to integrate their legacy systems into our platform, whether they are communication channels, security, facilities management, or customer relationship management.