Work Flow Management
NeuSpeak's versatile system is built to enable users to manage the information submitted to the system however they choose. Feedback case files can be transferred or copied to alternate divisions, or escalated to superiors when necessary.

Multi-channel Support
As internet usage proliferates to every corner of the globe,not everyone feels comfortable sending certain information online. Varying demographics enjoy different modes of communication. Being attentive of this, NeuSpeak supports not just mobile apps, email, and webforms, but also traditional mail, phone calls, and fax machines.

The platform is built on a strong foundation of enterprise tested components and scales for even the largest of companies and agencies. Enterprise features such as multi-level permissions, group partitions, configurable views, and dashboards enable corporations to maintain their preferred business processes.

Strong Security
A top priority for Neubus is maintaining a secure environment for clients and client data. All information is transmitted and stored securely, leveraging a firewall, virus scans, and shielded data brokerage. Neubus, Inc. has achieved the:

Professional Support
During the implementation process, Neubus provides training on the platform. Documentation is also kept up to date for technical teams that leverage the NeuSpeak API.